Its Benefits

It’s very easy to place it around the central water pipes. You only need to be informed about where they are!

It works immediately instantly after you put it around the central water pipe, not only in warm but also in cold water.

Its properties are unchangeable for functional or environmental temperature up to 60°C.

Its properties are unchangeable irrespectively of the quantity of passing water.

Water becomes softer and tastes better.

It reduces the chloride of water up to 24%.

It cannot affect the pH and the osmosis of water.

It does not change the chemical composition of water.

Thin sediments of salts from droplets of water can be easily removed with mild scrubbing. This way you won’t have to buy detergents for the removal of salts, or water softener.

Metal water pipes don’t corrode internally anymore.

Electricity consumption decreases when using washing machines, water heaters, boilers and many more household appliances.

You can put this device into agricultural, handicraft and industrial practice as well.

In agriculture the formation of salts on the ground reduces making the soil softer.

Its span of life is at least 20 years while its price is more than inviting since it does not require future preservation or replacements.

When you buy it, we offer written guarantee of refund within 30 days.