How It Works

‘Tesla-Buster’ has the ability to remove sediments of salts (mostly calcium carbonate CaCO3) from the inside of water pipes or heating pipes, while it can also stop the oxidation (rust) inside of these pipes.

Water contains salts (mostly calcium carbonate CaCO3). These salts have a tendency to join together, creating bigger crystals. In addition, these crystals will later attach to other similar crystals, this leading into layers (sediments) of salts at the inside of the pipes even of household appliances. This process has as a result that all water pipes of our house block, even all taps such as bathroom taps and many more.

Additionally, sediments of salts are responsible for the increase of electricity consumption when using washing-machines, the water heaters, boilers and many more. It is estimated that 1mm sediments of salts is responsible for loss of heat energy of 11%.

The function of ‘Tesla-Buster’ depends on the simultaneous application of strong magnetic fields and ionization in the water, which goes through water pipes. The crystals of salts can be removed thanks to the unique combination of magnetic fields and ionization and one part of them can be joined with the oxygen from the water. The new crystals of salts cannot join together with other salt crystals, so they remain in this form.

Furthermore, the water can remove all sediments of salts and formations of oxidation (rusts) thanks to the strong magnetic fields and ionization while the water goes through the water pipes. The consequence of this action helps not only water pipes, but also household appliances to be gradually freer. It should be mentioned that a new protective sediment (FeO4) can be formed inside the metal water pipes after the removal of rust (FeO3). This new protective sediment stops any further oxidation inside the pipes. Similar results can be achieved in copper water pipes.